The Sam Baker Award for Achievement in the Arts

– Leo Baeck Day School

LB Lior Markus 2021.jpg


Lior Markus

I am honoured to announce this year’s recipient of the Sam Baker Memorial Award for Achievement in the Arts- both Visual and Performing.  This is a student who profoundly understands that the arts uniquely represent a subject area that nourishes the soul as well as the mind. In addition to making beautiful and meaningful artwork and his commitment to thoughtful and resonant performances, he is able to reflect deeply on the greater personal and global implications that the Arts provides. He possesses not only the skills needed, but also humility, perseverance and dedication to the artistic process, producing consistently outstanding work in both the Visual and Performing Arts. We are honoured to present the Sam Baker Award for Achievement in the Arts to Lior Markus.

Click here to see a video Ms. Gene Teeger's speech about Sam and presenting the award to Lior. 



Emily Cromar