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Sam's Dedications.

Some wonderful dedications have been made in Sam's honour.
Sam's Place _ Arowhon Small.jpg

Sam's Place

at Camp Arowhon

A re-dedication of the sailing pavilion at Camp Arowhon in memory of Sam.  The name honours Sam's passion for sailing, his skill as a sail instructor and his contribution to the sail program during his time at Camp Arowhon.


Think of Sam every time you sail at camp.  


Sam will always have a place at Camp Arowhon.

Dedicated July 14, 2019

Pictured clockwise from left: Evan Webber (uncle), Karen Morch (aunt), Ellie Morch (Sam's mother), Will Baker (Sam's brother), Bart Testa (uncle), Jason Baker (Sam's father), Lisa Morch (aunt), Naomi Baker (Sam's sister)

Book Plate.jpg

Sam Baker

Book Plate

Sam was recognized by the History Department at Western University as very promising student.  His professors and teaching assistants all knew Sam because he showed such a keen interest during lectures he participated regularly in class discussions.  

At the Memorial for Sam at Western University on April 5, 2019, the History Department presented a book plaque from Western University President Alan Shepard in honour of Sam.

Tulip Tree in Toronto Small.jpg

The Sam Baker Tree

at Oriole Park

"In honour of Sam we are having a commemorative tree planted in Forest His Road Park.  What a beautiful place where Sam played for so many years.

The tree is a tulip tree.  When in bloom it is colourful and vibrant, just like Sam.

We love him always and forever."

Papa John, Grandma Sandy, Erik, Kristin, Karen, Lisa and JP.

and Kaarina, Al, Evan, Bart, Diane, Kristin, Dana, Jamie, Julia, Georgia, Ella, Celeste, Amanda, Andrew and Matt.

Sam's Tree _ Arowhon Small.jpg

Sam's Tree

at Camp Arowhon

"We chose the tamarack as our tree of memory because of its feathery beauty.  It's a special tree.  It is the only evergreen that loses its leaves every fall and gets new leaves in the spring.  For us it's a symbol of loss and yet, keeping hope in life.  

Sam was very much beloved at camp."

- Joanne Kates, Camp Director


 We miss him terribly.

Dedicated July 14, 2019

Song For Sam.jpg

Song for Sam


This song was composed and recorded by Vanessa Vakharia and David Kochberg of the band Goodnight, Sunrise in honour of Sam.  Vanessa owns and operates The Math Guru, a tutoring company in Midtown Toronto where Sam went for math help.  

Vanessa and Sam formed special connection over the years and she was devastated to learn of Sam's death.

We are so honoured by Goodnight, Sunrise and their Song for Sam.

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