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Donate to Charities in Sam's Memory...

We have selected three charities to which he hope you donate funds in Sam's memory.  You may choose to donate directly or donate to our discretionary fund using the links to the right.  The charities supported in Sam's honour include:  The North Toronto Collegiate Institute Foundation;  The Distress Centres of Greater Toronto; and The Parr Centre for Student Thriving.  Money given to the NTCI Foundation's Sam Baker Scholarship Fund is used to fund the Sam Baker Dramatic Arts Award and the Sam Baker Character Award.  The Distress Centres of Greater Toronto is Canada’s oldest volunteer-delivered crisis, emotional support and suicide prevention and intervention service agency.  The Parr Centre is a brand new endeavour at Western University dedicated to supporting the mental and emotional health of its students. 

Bracelets for Sam was an endeavour spearheaded by Sam's friend Sepand.  All profits from the sale of these beautifully-designed memory bracelets bearing Sam's initials were donated to the Parr Centre for Thriving at Western University.  Sepand raised over $3000 for the Parr Centre in 2020 and 2021.  Unfortunately, the bracelets are no longer available.

Click Here for a link to the article from the Western News.

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